WhatsApp Tricks and tips 2014

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Everybody is on WhatsApp these days – from basic Symbian- powered phone users to high-end Android or iOS phone users. It has become a vital part of life, without which we can’t go even for a day. Its increasing popularity prompted us to compile these few tips and tricks that will enhance your WhatsApp experience.

Recover deleted messages :- WhatsApp has made recovering deleted messages very easy. The app itself automatically backs up your messages every day and comes with in-built restore functionality. For Android, the backup is stored on your SD card, while for iPhone this is stored on iCloud. The restore functionality will help you restore lost or deleted messages. However, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp since there’s no direct option to do this from the app. Launch the app after installing. Immediately following the mobile verification procedure, you’ll be asked if you want to restore from backup. Choose ‘restore’ and you’ll be able to retrieve your entire chat history till date.

Schedule messages on :- Android One of the interesting tricks that would benefit Android users is message scheduling. Message scheduling could have been one of WhatsApp’s hottest features, but it’s not offered by the messaging app. However, you can get it on any rooted Android device using a thirdparty application. ‘WhatsApp Message Scheduler’ is a handy tool that will let you do this job. Download and install it. Once you’re done, open the app > Tap on ‘Pending Messages’ button at the bottom > New Message (Pencil icon) > Enter recipient (contact or group) > Write the message > Select date and time > Add Your message will be listed under the Pending Messages tab and will be sent according to the set time. Other apps, such as ‘Scheduler for WhatsApp’ and ‘[WhatsApp] Scheduler Root Beta’, let you schedule your messages as well.

Get WhatsApp notifications on PC :- Now you don’t have to wonder anymore about why your phone buzzed while you were working on your PC. You can get realtime WhatsApp notifications sent straight to your PC using a third-party app called ‘Desktop Notifications’ from Google Play Store. However, this trick only works for Android and there are no such apps for iOS yet. To get the notifications on your PC, download and install the app. Open the app > Tap ‘Accessibility settings’ > Turn it on for ‘Desktop notification applications’ > Return to the app and install the extension/add-on (from the link mentioned under ‘Browser Extension’ in settings) on your Chrome/ Firefox browser > Type the unique alphanumeric code shown by the app into your browser extension > Tap ‘Test’ This will sync all your phone’s notifications to your PC. You can later filter the apps from app settings to include only WhatsApp. You can alternatively use the ‘Pushbullet’ app to do the same thing.

Read messages without changing the Last Seen timestamp :- This trick will let you see all your received messages without changing the ‘Last Seen’ timestamp. The timestamp will display the old time when you went offline to others. The sender will think you’re not yet online and you can easily ignore replying to him at that moment. To do this on iPhone, first entirely close WhatsApp (don’t just minimise it). Then tap the WhatsApp icon and before it connects just hit the ‘Home’ button. Remember: you have to be very fast here. This will download all the messages. Wait for a while and turn off mobile data connection or Wi-Fi (depending upon your connectivity). Launch WhatsApp and you’ll get all your new messages there. Doing this on Android is very easy. After you’ve received a message, just turn off the data connection or Wi-Fi and launch WhatsApp. That’s it! This trick works for WhatsApp on Windows
Phone as well.

Create a fake conversation :- If you’re a prankster and wanted to do this to friends for a while now, this tip is your dream come true. You can create a fake conversation using Android app ‘Whatsaid’. It will let you create a customised WhatsApp screenshot with everything to look the way you want it to. Download and install ‘Whatsaid’ and you’re good to go.

Run multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same phone :- For this, you need a rooted Android phone with Titanium Backup app installed. To do it, open Titanium Backup > Tap ‘Switch Profile’ > Select ‘Create a new data profile…’ > Enter a name (this will be your administrator profile with current app settings) Again, tap ‘Switch Profile’ > Select ‘Create a new data profile…’ > Enter a name (this will be your second profile for new WhatsApp). Now again, tap ‘Switch Profile’ > Select the second profile > Go to Backup/ Restore tab > Search for WhatsApp in the list > Long press the icon > Select ‘Enable multiple profiles for this app’. That’s it. Launch WhatsApp and register with a new number.

Track last seen timestamp without being online :- Sometimes, you’d like to check if a friend is online, but want to do surreptitiously without changing your timestamp. You can do it using a third-party Android app called ‘WhatsApp Spy 007’. Download and install it. To do it, open the app > Choose your connection (Wi-Fi/Mobile Data) > Tap ‘Contact’ > Select the contact whose timestamp you want to see. Wait for some time and you’ll see his/her last seen timestamp.

Stop automatic media download :- WhatsApp automatically downloads media content as you get it. While it’s a good feature, this may at times irk you, say, if you’re on a limited data plan. To do it on Android, go to WhatsApp > Settings > Chat Settings > Media auto-download > Unpick the media you don’t want auto-downloaded under ‘When using mobile data’, ‘When connected on Wi-Fi’ or ‘When roaming’ options. iOS users, to disable autodownloading photos and videos to your Camera Roll, go to WhatsApp > Settings > Chat Settings > Switch off ‘Save Incoming Media’.

Use extended privacy settings :- WhatsApp recently added privacy options for both, iOS and Android users. On Android, you can check them by navigating to WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy. Here, you can choose from options such as ‘Everyone’, ‘My contacts’ and ‘Nobody’ to show your last seen timestamp, status and profile picture. On iPhone, you can check these options by navigating to WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy

Password protect WhatsApp :- Google Play Store offers many apps to protect your applications with a password. You can use any of them for an additional layer of security for WhatsApp. Some good apps among them are: ‘Messenger Lock’, ‘Lock for WhatsApp’ and ‘Messenger and Chat Lock’. Unlike Android, there are no direct working apps available to password protect WhatsApp on iOS. To do it on iOS, you need to have a jailbroken device. Once you’re jailbroken, there are plenty of Cydia tweaks that will let you password-protect your applications. Some good ones among them are: ‘AppLocker’, ‘Lockdown’, ‘Lockdown Pro’ and ‘iAppLock’.

Prevent media from appearing in Gallery/Camera Roll :- Whenever media is downloaded, it automatically appears in the Gallery or Camera Roll. While this is handy, you may not appreciate this feature. To prevent this from happening on Android, using a file manager navigate to ‘/Whatsapp/ Media/WhatsApp Image/’ and create a new file named ‘.nomedia’. You can also do this from your computer. Similarly create another file with the same name in the WhatsApp Video and WhatsApp Audio folder. To prevent media from appearing in Camera Roll on iOS, go to WhatsApp > Settings > Chat Settings > Turn off ‘Save Incoming Media’

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