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Dropbox new feature document scanning, deeper integration to its app

As a major aspect of a bigger redesign to expand profitability highlights, the organization has added report examining abilities to its iOS application. Accessible now, the component permits clients to snap a photograph of a receipt, business

Rolls-Royce ahead with remotely controlled cargo ships by 2020

Moves Royce isn’t restricting its automated transportation arrangements to extravagance autos. The British transportation firm has laid out a system for sending remote-controlled and self-governing payload vessels. It’s chipping away at virtual decks where land-based groups could

15 iPhone 6S tips and tricks to make the most of your iPhone

Open the Notes application, then make another note inside the “On My iPhone” segment. Tap the “+” sign on the privilege, trailed by the squiggly line to start making a portrayal. The instruments are now there to

The Key To Human Aging & Longevity, Turning on Immortality

Science has learned numerous things about structure and capacity in human science. The disclosure of telomeres in the 1970s opened up another field of study in human hereditary qualities. These small structures, joined to the closures of

Gatekeeper – Lock when you walk review

We all do it. Always. We leave our work desk area, We return to our work area, we unlock our PC lock PC again and againg. And at last, it adds up to quite a lot of

Best Area Pro review – Measure path and land area on map

Have you ever wondered how far it is from point A to point B? Google maps may have even disappointed you because it doesn’t do this. This information can be helpful for hikers, runners, those needing to

Top Eight Features of Microsoft Office 2016

We have all been using Microsoft Office and it has existed on almost every computer for years. Now, Microsoft has released Office 2016, adding a plethora of new features that are designed to bring reliable productivity apps

8 Android Apps which I never uninstall

Maybe you’re a first time Android user, or maybe you just upgraded your device. Whatever the case, it shouldn’t be news to you that there are a multitude of apps available for Android-powered smartphones. Since there are