MIPOW SPL06 iPhone Power Tube review

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mipow-power-tube-3000We have been promised the technological revolution since years but our batteries still wear out. That leaves those who rely on batteries to depend on external power sources which is very infeasible. The market is overwhelmed with external chargers and power bank that come in all shapes, sizes, and costs.

One of the smartest addition is the MiPow SPL06 Power tube 3000. Make by aluminum and its excellent indication design with energy-saving makes a product perfect. It might not have the best name in the world, but rather it brag a cool distinguishing strength. It’s the world’s first Bluetooth Smart joined battery pack with an application, and it’s a shockingly convenient little element.

MiPow Power Tube 3000 has an arrangement of three LED lights on the front, which demonstrate how much power is inside the battery. It comes to sharply judging how much power is left in the battery pack. However, the MiPow Tube additionally has a Bluetooth connection (JuiceSync) to your smartphone, which connect up to an app.

Open the application, and you get an accurate rate of the amount of life is staying inside the battery. For instance, at this moment one light shows up on the Power Tube 3000, which coherently means there’s some place somewhere around 0 and 33 percent power remaining. While 33 percent would be sufficient for a exigency charge, 3 percent most likely won’t. Fire up the application, and it uncovers that there’s an insignificant 9 percent left inside which means it’s definitely time to charge it back up.

It’s impossible to know how much battery is left in most external battery packs, but the Power Tube 3000 shows you exactly how much juice you have with its very own app.

Besides, the Bluetooth connection also reminds you if you leave the battery pack behind, warns you if the temperature ascends too high, and alerts you when the battery cell reaches a certain capacity during discharge.

The 3,000mAh battery took a level iPhone 6 Plus to simply under a 70-percent charge in two or three hours. On the other hand, the Tube itself needs about the same time to energize. Conveniently, there’s no need for any additional cables with the Tube. It accompanies a full-estimate USB, so it can connect right to a connector. Additionally, an implicit Lightning or Micro USB connector permits fast association with your smartphone.

The Power Tube 3000 smart battery pack is also well priced at $49.99 on GEARBEST, and you can find online more iPhone accessories through online store.

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MiPow SPL06 Power tube

MiPow SPL06 Power tube

Look & Feel




      Value of Money



        • - Smart Bluetooth Connectivity
        • - Built-in connections
        • - Battery monitoring through app
        • - Compact in size
        • - Small and lightweight


        • - Alerts don’t override phone mute.
        • - 1A output means it’s only for iphones.
        • - Bluetooth range is so long that I had driven my car down the road before the app told me I’d left the Power Tube behind.

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