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15 iPhone 6S tips and tricks to make the most of your iPhone

Open the Notes application, then make another note inside the “On My iPhone” segment. Tap the “+” sign on the privilege, trailed by the squiggly line to start making a portrayal. The instruments are now there to

How to get the free upgrade of window 10

Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t made a great fist of explaining how the free Windows 10 upgrade will work and given the emails we’ve received from readers, it seems there are still more questions than answers. So, here’s what

Make your PC talk to you

In almost any science-fiction film or TV show you care to mention from 2001 to Star Trek the computers of the future are able to talk back to their users. What you might not know is that

Android and iOS tips and tricks 2015

FOR ANDROID Disable annoying app notifications – Some apps in particular those that come preinstalled with your device have an annoying habit of bombarding you with notifications. While you can turn these off within the app’s setting,

Some Common but more important About home security

The way we use the internet, and the devices on which we use it, are changing, both in business and within the home. Where once internet security meant defending Windows from malware, one PC at a time,

8 Quick Tips About Install Windows 10 in virtual machine

Windows 10 is lining up to be something special, and getting to grips with what’s new and discovering how to do the things you used to are just a couple of the reasons why you might want

10 Quick Tips About window 10 features

The release of Windows 10 is still a good few months off, and if you’re not quite brave enough to begin experimenting with the Technical Preview, you might be sighing in anticipation of all the new features

5 Tips on build your own social network You Can Use Today

When J. A. Barnes coined the term ‘Social Network’ in 1954, he had no idea that, with the internet as catalyst, online social networks would change the dynamics of interaction for individuals around the world. As a