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Rolls-Royce ahead with remotely controlled cargo ships by 2020

Moves Royce isn’t restricting its automated transportation arrangements to extravagance autos. The British transportation firm has laid out a system for sending remote-controlled and self-governing payload vessels. It’s chipping away at virtual decks where land-based groups could

The Smart Home Gets Smarter

When we first tackled outfitting the various parts of the home with connected technology, it was admittedly difficult to find devices for some rooms. That was certainly not the case this time around, with so many gadgets

Window 10 for Mobile – Explains everything you need to know

Instead of moving to Windows Phone 10 which would be the most logical choice as far as Microsoft’s strange numbering choices go the next version of the mobile operating system will be called Windows 10 Mobile. As

5G networks look to new frequencies to deliver gigabit speeds

If operators are to build 5G mobile networks with download speeds at 10Gb/s and above, they are going to need a lot more spectrum, but getting it won’t be easy. The amount of spectrum allocated to 5G

Microsoft launches Windows 10

It’s hard to believe but come this August, it’ll be 20 years since the release of Microsoft’s game changing Windows 95 OS. And a game-changer it was, turning the PC from a business and enthusiasts’ box of

Apple to adopt ad-blocking in iOS 9?

At Apple’s recent WWDC conference in San Francisco, the company introduced something massive. Instead of announcing it on stage, however, the revelation was hidden away in the developer notes of the iOS version of Safari 9.0. The

How 3D Printing Works : A Beginner’s Guide

3D printing has been around for some years now, but its nature as a specialist part of the computing canon (no printing puns intended) means many of us only have a cursory knowledge of how it works

Will you soon be swallowing passwords?

It’s an idea wacky enough to give you indigestion. A leading executive at PayPal has said you could soon be swallowing pills containing tiny batteries that are powered by acid in your stomach. Jonathan LeBlanc, PayPal’s global