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Intel first Skylake chips coming in August

Fancy a Mac or Windows 10 PC with Intel’s new processors code named Skylake? That will soon be possible: Intel is set to launch its first chips based on the new architecture in the first week of

Tele-immersion: The Death of Distance

It is circa 2020, a tele-mentoring session is in progress, wherein a veteran surgeon in New Delhi is step-by-step guiding a less experienced surgeon thousands of kilometres away in London. Both surgeons share the view of the

You are being replaced by robots

Forget Skynet. Hypothetical world-ending artificial intelligence makes headlines, but the hype ignores what’s happening right under our noses. Cheap, fast AI is already taking our jobs, we just haven’t noticed. This isn’t dumb automation that can rapidly

All About made in china : The global tv market

Where is your home cinema from? While speakers and even amplifiers designed for discerning domestic theater owners often come from specialist boutique brands, the centre pieces the TV screen, the projector and the Blu-ray player almost always

Year 2015 top picks :The 10 best products and innovations

Thousands of products were launched at CES, but only ten garnered a PC Pro award. Here, we celebrate the very best product. Best laptop HP EliteBook Folio 1020 Forget what you consider to be a business laptop:

A Future for Drone Delivery?

The inescapable debate surrounding the use of unmanned aircraft has sparked imaginations to run wild. The world’s leading courier companies and online retail giants have followed the same route paved by the Defence Sector in investigating how

What You Need To Know About HP immersive tech with augmented reality

After experimenting with augmented reality and 3D image manipulation in its recent products, PC maker Hewlett-Packard intends to bring them to tablets and laptops for a more interactive computing experience. HP said its mobile devices will let

PC prices set to stay low in 2015, says Intel

Capable, lightweight laptops are available these days for less than £150, and those prices are likely to stick around or even fall slightly this year, according to Intel. PC shipments are expected stabilise in 2015, and average