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Little Known Facts About The Future Of Solid-state storage

Solid-state storage was once the final frontier. It’s arrival would banish the last remaining mechanised throwback and deliver us into a brave new age of lagless, lightning-quick computing. Back in 2008, when the first affordable SSD rocked

AMD FreeSync vs Nvidia G-Sync

Screen tearing is one of the biggest irritations facing PC gamers today. It’s a huge annoyance for players who want smooth graphics and quick response times in fast-paced games such as FPS and RTS titles, but the

Mad catz cyborg keyboard Review

Mad Catz jumps on the mechanical switch keyboard bandwagon with a curiously shaped slab of matte, soft-touch plastic over a metal frame that’s heavy enough to stay in place on a desk and probably do some damage

There Are Four Ways to Use This Top-Tier Two-in-One

Lenovo basically defines the two-in-one category with its Yoga line. Just look at the convertible-hybrid laptops coming out of competing companies like Dell, HP, and Toshiba, which all use some variation on the basic multimode design introduced

MSI GS70 2QE Stealth Pro Review

Unfair though it might seem to the Texans, if you want to buy a gaming laptop right now you’re going to spend your cash on a machine with an Intel processor and an Nvidia graphics card. Look

It’s All About The Box

PC cabinets add character and attitude to a rig, just like how sports cars and superbikes are made to look cool to complement their power. You have a choice, though—you could encase high-end components in a case

Raspberry Pi: A Tinkerer’s Dream Come True

The Raspberry Pi board, lovingly called ‘the Pi,’ is not just a developer board but also a small easy-to-work with computer at a rockbottom price. You can use it to connect peripheral devices, or even to control

Give your desktop PC a boost in just 10k

For the past few months, I’ve been getting a lot of queries from you all requesting cheap, not so expensive desktop upgrades that would really give it some much needed performance muscle. I’ve gotten so many queries on