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The Crew gameplay review

A pretty respectable technical achievement masquerading as a piece of entertainment, The Crew is the last lot from Ubisoft’s ample release slate for 2014; a year which has seen the launch of the French multinational’s least artistically

Game Review : The Evil Within

Halfway through The Evil Within, I came across five abandoned wheelchairs in a darkened hospital hallway. To me, this summed up the game’s philosophy perfectly. One wheelchair in a hallway would be spooky, but five? That must

13 Games every self-respecting gamer should play

With the deluge of blockbuster games packing incredible graphics nowadays, it’d be easy to forget the games that brought the segment to where it’s at today. However, if you consider yourself a gamer, it’s likely that you’ve

Gaming Hardware: Put Your Game Face On

Gaming hardware covers a wide array of items that gamers like to use to make their experience exhilarating. While the most common are gaming consoles, graphics cards and headsets, there is a lot more to it. Contrary