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Gatekeeper – Lock when you walk review

We all do it. Always. We leave our work desk area, We return to our work area, we unlock our PC lock PC again and againg. And at last, it adds up to quite a lot of

MIPOW SPL06 iPhone Power Tube review

We have been promised the technological revolution since years but our batteries still wear out. That leaves those who rely on batteries to depend on external power sources which is very infeasible. The market is overwhelmed with

Sony wants to bring 4k video capability to more digital cameras

Sony has revealed an ambitious plan to bring 4K video-shooting capabilities to a wide range of its point-and-shoot and SLR cameras over time, and a new sensor developed by the company will help make that possible. The

Innovation to the fore The YotaPhone brings e-ink to phones

We have heard of phones with twin displays before, but Yota Devices have come up with a totally new concept a phone with a conventional LCD display on one side and an e-paper one on the other.

Flyte lightbulb floats in mid-air using magnetic levitation

Exhausted of boring lighting fixtures and disarray of messy wires to fix them? Well, you can now add freshen and magnificent touch to your interior with wireless Flyte lightbulb designed by Simon Morris. This is a unexampled

Portable Bluetooth music sharing speaker JBL Review

The market for ultraportable rechargeable Bluetooth speakers is growing, I’m told. Some confirmation to this assertion came when my uncle daughter asked for one, so that her music can follow her around without the need for pesky

The Secret of bright future for smartglasses That No One is Talking About

When I first saw the Google Glass, I didn’t get it. Many people hate wearing glasses, so why would we want to wear huge, clunky glasses just to get information displayed in front of our eyes? Then

HoloLens is only good for two things: and they’re not holograms

At its Windows 10 briefing, Microsoft announced various details about the upcoming operating system, but one thing we weren’t expecting was that it will be the ‘world’s first holographic computing platform’. However, I think it’s good for