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Dropbox new feature document scanning, deeper integration to its app

As a major aspect of a bigger redesign to expand profitability highlights, the organization has added report examining abilities to its iOS application. Accessible now, the component permits clients to snap a photograph of a receipt, business

Best Area Pro review – Measure path and land area on map

Have you ever wondered how far it is from point A to point B? Google maps may have even disappointed you because it doesn’t do this. This information can be helpful for hikers, runners, those needing to

8 Android Apps which I never uninstall

Maybe you’re a first time Android user, or maybe you just upgraded your device. Whatever the case, it shouldn’t be news to you that there are a multitude of apps available for Android-powered smartphones. Since there are

Find–the–Line By Chillingo Puzzle game iOS app review

Find The Line by Chillingo Ltd is a pretty puzzle game where lines become art with just a few swipes of your finger. If you like relaxing puzzle games, then you are going to love Find The (Miniclip) iOS app review delivering fun multiplayer gaming to clients who need to take the webgame to their cell phone. Miniclip offers this amusement online and on iPhone, iPad and Android. On the off chance that you have an extra

Tinder Introduces Verified Profiles

Everybody needs to Tinder, even superstars. Be that as it may, when standard individuals go over their profiles, they’re liable to accept they’re being tricked. Expecting to make its administration more VIP well disposed, Tinder on Tuesday

The game of life iOS app review

      The Game of Life is rendered in amazing 3D with beautiful landscapes and Curved roads through which you’ll have to navigate. The touchscreen controls are easy to use and the innovative gameplay permits anybody

RobTop Games AB game Geometry Dash iOS App Review

Geometry Dash Lite is a bouncing game where you must bounce your character over the geometric peril. You can preliminarily choose from one of four square characters, a space plane, a saw blade, a flying saucer, or