8 Android Apps which I never uninstall

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Windows-8-AppsMaybe you’re a first time Android user, or maybe you just upgraded your device. Whatever the case, it shouldn’t be news to you that there are a multitude of apps available for Android-powered smartphones.

Since there are millions upon millions of apps, it should come as no surprise that developers are doing what they can from web monetization to targeting users to appeal and stand out from the sea of competition.

However, in terms of being an Android user, what you will quickly discover is that while there are many apps that you can do without, there are some that you shouldn’t be without.

The following are 8 Android apps hat you should download now.

Citymapper – This urban transport app makes it easy for you to navigate in large cities all over the world. Plan your journey from start to finish and obtain real time data on traffic, maps, and disruptions in public transportation.

Spotify – This music streaming app lets you listen to a wide range of music from a library featuring over 30 million tracks from various albums and artists. Choose from ready-made playlists or get personalized recommendations.

SwiftKey – A clever keyboard that uses AI, this app automatically learns your specific writing style and how you like to type. Over time it will learn to eliminate common typos, improve predictive text and autocorrect. Users have the freedom to choose between tapping or swiping from letter to letter.

Camera360 Ultimate – Camera360 Ultimate built up its way onto our excellent Android camera application list because it offers so many features, inclusive more than 200 filters, NFC photo sharing and tons of one-touch placing tools. These adjustment options are both impressive and easy to use, making Camera360 Ultimate a extraordinary decision for new and experienced picture takers.  It’s a extensive free app that ensures you get the best out of your Android camera.

Nova Launcher – iOS is a wild opponent to Android and offers a scope of awesome applications and components, however it doesn’t offer everything that Android does. Nova Launcher is one of our most loved Android-selective applications on the grounds that, from multiple points of view, it underlines what is so great about Android.

Nova is an alternative launcher perfect with Android 4.1 onward. It gives you a chance to tweak the whole look and feel of your operating system, from changes to font size, to the number of apps that can appear on the lock screen, to the way in which your app drawer scrolls. Nova Launcher is a prime illustration of how Android can be shaped to suit individual tastes and inclinations, in a manner that iOS can’t.

Caustic 3 – Do you find yourself swaying your head along to the rhythm of the train when you’re perched on it, or composing silent tunes in your head that you know would sound stunning if only you could record them at that time? Then you should check out Caustic 3, the latest version of the popular mobile music-making machine. Utilizing this capable instrument, you can utilize one of 14 distinct synthesizers, vocoders and drum machines to make that perfect sound on the move. Caustic 3 is a profound and complex application, so be prepared to put some time into, but the outcomes are awesome.

Drupe – There are a few contenders for best messaging application on Android, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to name a couple however Drupe is the one good messaging application to to rule them all. If you haven’t knew about it, that’s because it’s comparatively new on the scene.

Expensify – Expensify is one of our best Android productivity application essentially for managing your financial plan. You can make it as simple or as detailed as you want, and track the majority of your spending in an easy-to-use format. It’s  awesome free business travel application that you shouldn’t be without.

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